Samuel O’Toole’s Last Scene

This is Samuel O’Toole‘s last scene before retirement or dismissal as Next Door Studios closes all of their porn star branded sites. Title Chute The Load, the ultra hung O’Toole lands solo from the sky and decides to jack off in his gear. None of this makes sense but Samuel O’Toole is handsome, hot and got a fat cock so that’s all that counts in gay porn.

The Sword reported that Samuel O’Toole has taken a job at Pep Boys as assistant manager but my screen capture of Samuel O’Toole’s twitter the following day indicates he didn’t take the job. Now that he’s closed his twitter account and Samuel O’Toole blog has been filled with Next Door scene promos, there’s really no way to follow him. So there’s another closing of a gay porn legend.

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Samuel O’Toole fucks Jimmy Clay

I haven’t seen Jimmy Clay in a while, not since his CockyBoys days but he returns to porn with a big challenge. Samuel O’Toole cruises Jimmy Clay in the washrooms and Jimmy couldn’t resist at the sight of Samuel’s massive tool. Jimmy takes this once in a lifetime opportunity and grabs it by the horns, er, the balls. Before too long, Sammy is balls deep in Jimmy’s ass and loving it.

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Austin Wilde, Samuel O’Toole, Cody Cummings for Fleshjack

Next Door exclusives Austin Wilde, Samuel O’Toole, Cody Cummings were announced as Fleshjack Boys back in June and the three got started on their duties this week by having their penis, mouth and anus molded so their fans can enjoy feeling what’s it like to be with their favorite porn star. Here are the behind the scenes of their work.

Coincidentally, Cody Cummings and Samuel O’Toole are paired with Dominic Pacifico this week.

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Samuel O’Toole & Trent Diesel at Score Game 2

Put two ripped bodies together and they’ll go at each other like animals and I would too just at the sight of Samuel’s tool and ass. Samuel O’Toole & Trent Diesel appear in the first scene of Score Game 2 and a simple pre-game workout turns into a sweaty suck and fuck session. Trent can’t wait to get inside Samuel’s tenting Under Armour jock to suck that fat cock trapped inside. Samuel returns the favour in Trent’s cock but really focuses his attention on that ass knowing he’s gonna take it for a ride.

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Samuel O’Toole Talks About His Sexuality

Everyone has questioned their favourite porn star’s sexuality including that of Samuel O’Toole. The guy seems to enjoy banging a guy as much as a girl but I never got the beep in my gaydar that he’s one of us. In his latest blog, Samuel O’Toole puts the question of his sexuality to rest telling the world that he’s really bi and his only 3 criterias for mate selection are “don’t be a jackass/cunt, be intelligent, have good hygiene.” So now we all have a chance, gays and chicks, on that big dick and beautiful ass of his.

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Cock Cruisin’ by Jet Set Men

Sometimes we buy a whole CD (remember those?) for just a song and the same can be said for Cock Cruisin’ by Jet Set Men. The cover star Samuel O’Toole is enough reason to buy this flick – just look at his body, cock, and ass, it’s the perfect trifacta. Plus the bonus includes redhead James Jamesson and new Jet Set exclusive Angel Rock. Cock Cruisin’ follows the sexcapades of 9 horny dudes around LA including Jason Michaels, Perry Pierce, Connor Maguire, Jason Michaels, Brandon Wilde and Derek Chambers.

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Samuel O’Toole Is Short

With a fat cock, 6 pack abs, and witty smile, his height is the last thing I notice about Samuel O’Toole. I’ve been a fan of him for a year and never realised until now how short he really is. In some pictures alongside fellow pornstars at this year’s Cybersocket Awards, Samuel O’Toole‘s height, or lack thereof, really became obvious as he stood next to Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro. Even in the latest scene of Samuel O’Toole fucking Parker Perry titled The Big Wet Payback, the guy diminutive.

I never fancied tall guys and this is merely an observation of a favourite porn star and will in no way diminish my love for the guy.

Click below for the latest scene of Samuel O’Toole and the photos proving my point.

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Samuel O’Toole, Trystan Bull and James Jamesson

Samuel O’TooleTrystan Bull and Steven DaigleJames Jamesson and Gavin Waters
Several hot scenes this week from my favourite stars.

Samuel O’Toole solo just returned from a motorcycle ride in brisk mountain air and strips down his gear for a good jerk session. Tugging his nice, hard dick is helping Samuel stay alert and focused in this cold weather. And when that big load shoots, Samuel knows he’s done a good job.

Steven Daigle and Trystan Bull commence to a friendly drinking game of low stakes arm wrestling, Steven decides to up the ante for the loser. This, of course, is a fool’s bet, and in the end, Trystan is all too happy to introduce Steven to a whole new reality: when you mess with the Bull, you get the horns… and a big dick in your mouth.

I’m really loving Gavin Water’s flawless bubble butt and I’m glad he’s not retiring as planned. In the latest Next Door Buddies scene, James Jamesson and blond Gavin Waters have a lot of pent up energy at the gym leading to a more traditional, time-tested method for working the muscles- namely, blowjobs & fucking in multiple positions, culminating in a warm splash of jizz for each and the sweet relief of well-earned exhaustion.

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Samuel O’Toole and Rod Daily in Head Hunters 3

Rod Daily has always been a favourite here with his rocking body, slim long cock and flawless ass and he’s matched to ultrahung Samuel O’Toole in Head Hunters 3 scene 1 by Hot House. At the office, Samuel O’Toole needs a raise but his asshole boss Rod Daily won’t give him more money until he confirms an office rumor; he’s heard that O’Toole has a huge cock and he wants to see it. The stud proudly pulls out his huge tool and Daily immediately takes it in his mouth before he strips out of his suit to reveal bulging muscles and a round bubble-butt. Daily orders his employee to fuck him and O’Toole obliges by plowing a load out of his cock-hungry boss. O’Toole gets his nut – and his raise.

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