Master Jarec Wentworth fucks Sebastian Young

Formerly straight, now bisexual, Sebastian Young get fucked by Jarec Wentworth in Master at Drill My Hole. Most unexpected is the chemistry between the two as they are less mechanical and best is that Sebastian Young is now a better bottom than ever before as he barked out to Jarec Wentworth to ‘put it in me harder’ and begged ‘more, more!’ Jarec plays a convincing master who could totally made Sebastian Young beg for cock up his perky ass.

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John Magnum and Jake Wilder Screwed in Bubble Butts 4

I am loving the Bubble Butts series at that all began with Connor Maguire fucking Sebastian Young’s huge ass and Bubble Butts 4 is like a get-together of the previous stars Connor Maguire, Sebastian Young from 1, John Magnum & Jake Wilder from 2, plus newcomer Luke Adams and it’s John Magnum and Jake Wilder who got fucked this time.

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Sebastian Young Picks Sam Northman as Next Bottom

Imagine a game show you are allowed to pick an ass to fuck. Sebastian Young’s big ass got fucked in Next Bottom Part 2 earlier and now Sebastian Young gets to do the fucking as he picks Sam Northman in The Next Bottom part 3 at Drill My Hole. In this game show, Sebastian Young realizes he hit jackpot when Sam Northman walks out and he immediately puts him to work sucking his big dick and pushing his dick inside Sam til Sebastian blows his load.

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Sebastian Young’s Bubble Butt gets Fucked

OMG, Sebastian Young‘s ass is perfect in this scene, it’s so big and round his jock strap can’t even contain his buttcheeks! I know you can’t get enough of Sebastian Young‘s ass and it just gets better as he has aged, bigger and more fuckable! Too bad Sebastian Young has seemingly retired from gay porn (which I hope is temporary) so enjoy these last remaining scenes of him. Sebastian Young’s bubble butt gets fucked by Connor Maguire in aptly titled scene Bubble Butts Part 1.

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Sebastian Young Bottoms and Pulls Another Disappearing Act

I was ecstatic when Sebastian Young was released from prison on Christmas and the ten time felon was hard at work right away filming for and even turning his ass over to get fucked. The only other time Sebastian Young bottomed was for Phenix Saint at CockyBoys in 2008 so by 2014 Sebastian Young might as well be a virgin , this time Sebastian Young bottoms for Bryan Cavallo at Drill My Hole in the locker room.

Just a month after returning to twitter, Sebastian Young pulls another disappearing act and vanished into the thin air as he deleted all his tweets and photos that he posted just a month ago. There’s no hint where this man may be, he can very possibly be back in prison or be a stay at home dad for his daughter.

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Sebastian Young Is Now Versatile

Bad boy Sebastian Young is back at gay porn exactly one year after his last incarceration and wasted no time selling himself. Days after he rejoined twitter, Sebastian announced he’s versatile and just yesterday he filmed a scene for in which he gave up that big round ass (with photos below to prove it) but he refused to reveal who the top was. I still recall when Sebastian Young the gay porn world watched with anticipation in those few occasions he bottomed but it seems his ass will be readily available from now on.

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Sebastian Young Is In Jail Again

Sebastian Young just can’t stay out of trouble and jail. Shortly after his release on 28 November 2012, Sebastian Young was arrested again (for the 13th time) on 14 December 2012 for battery and drug offences that, according to commentor Mike, have put the bad boy back in jail on 28 December 2012. If social media is any indication, Sebastian Young is really gone because his twitter has been closed so enjoy this last scene of him getting pissed on in scene 4 of The Wetter The Better at Lucas Raunch.

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Andrew Stark Fucked in Threeways

Drill My Hole, part of, delivers two hot three way scenes of Andrew Stark getting fucked. In After The Masquerade, Trey Turner gets double penetrated by Andrew Stark and Sebastian Young.

Then there’s another hot threesome between Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark in The Promotion in which Andrew Stark gets sandwich fucked.

I am really starting to like Andrew Stark for his versatility and his performance even though he’s gay-for-pay. There’s a video of Andrew Stark in which he reveals his personal side and that he’s just sexual.

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