Bobby Clark and Seth Clark Looking Good

Gio Caruso gathered several pornstars in Orlando for Gay Days at Disney and Bobby Clark showed up with retired brother Seth Clark looking as delicious as ever.

Samuel Colt was present and danced the night away at Pulse Orlando, showing off his body to fans. Craig’s Pop Life suspected new “IT” boy Chris Porter and Samuel Colt are boyfriends and the two are together again and Chris kisses Samuel Colt as he’s on stage making me wonder if the two are really a couple now.

The two first met at the Phoenix Forum in April.

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Bobby Clark and Seth Clark’s Night Out

Bobby Clark and Seth Clark were out back home in Seattle (they’ve both moved to SoCal) earlier this week and were out flaunting their sexiness at a night out. Bobby still looks as sexy in his harness and younger brother Seth Clark has grown a goatee and some body hair. This may be the last photos of Seth Clark because he has decided to retire from porn, according to Bobby at an interview with NickYoungXXX.

Visit CockyBoys to for his scenes there.

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Seth Clark Fucks Jesse Santana at CockyBoys

On the theme of brothers in porn (Elijah and Milo Peters & Dawson Riley introduces Skye), Seth Clark is one of those guys brought into porn thru his brother Bobby Clark. The CockyBoys exclusive has so far produced only six scenes and the latest one has him fucking Jesse Santana despite the fact that he’s still new to the hardcore ass fucking thing.

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Seth Clark Fucks Justin Ryder at CockyBoys

Ever since Bobby Clark introduced his younger brother Seth Clark, it’s been a bunch of jack off and solo scenes, until now. Here’s the deal, Justin Ryder is a top and Seth Clark is a straight dude who has yet to take the anal plunge, but after some serious schmoozing, they convinced Justin to bottom out and take Seth’s top cherry. And turn the volume up to hear Justin Ryder be a total pig, commanding Seth to “stick it in and pound that ass” all the way.

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Porn Brothers Bobby Clark and Seth Clark

I didn’t give the newest CockyBoys scene much thought until I watched the interview of the two actors, Bekim and a Seth Clark, the latter who turns out to be Bobby Clark‘s lil’ brother. Being a bit sceptical of the marketing tactics around, I examined the pictures and it’s clear from the square jaws, the clear blue eyes and the nose that these two are from the same genes.

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