Steven Daigle and the Bareback Cast of Cum Whore

The big new is former Big Brother participant and porn star Steven Daigle has gone bareback for Treasure Island Media in new their release titled Cum Whore. I have no delusions that many gay porn stars engage in bareback sex in their private lives but so many are simply foregoing the rubber even in front of the camera, which for years has acted as a bastion for HIV prevention by using rubbers. Here’s a look at who else has gone to the other side in Cum Whore.

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Grabby’s in Chicago 2011

Grabby’s, dubbed as the gay Oscars, took place over the weekend and the number of prizes really dilutes the value of each award and even thesword remarked there are 10 new categories this year. But several awards I think are very deserving are Wilfried Knight as Best Versatile Performer, Steve Daigle won Best Newcomer of the Year and Samuel Colt won Performer of the Year.

BelAmi brought hot guys Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol and Jean-Daniel Chagall over to Chicago to pick up the 3 awards it garnered.
BelAmi tumblr

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IML 2011

Chicago was packed with gay porn stars this weekend as it hosted the Grabby’s & IML. My favourite porn stars attended IML and the Leathermart including couples Samuel Colt and Chris Porter, Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey, and Bobby Clark.

For the best pictures, check out the twitters of porn stars such as Steven Daigle’s yfrog, Gio Caruso lockerz and the sword lockerz.

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Sextortion part 3 Men At Play

As expected, impeccable styling from Men At Play in the last scene of the Sextortion series. Businessman Steven Daigle gets his way with sexy Latino business associate Pablo Nunez in this scene, using his power and influence to take advantage of him sexually.

SEXTORSION saga comes to a sizzling climax, as we finally get to see the complete video footage behind Steven Daigle‘s blackmail plot. Steven takes out his hard cock and pushes the unwilling Pablo down to suck him off. But that’s just for starters as Steven only has one thing on in mind, and that’s overpowering his business associates by fucking them hard and rough, especially when they are as young and innocent as Pablo.

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Cast of Lucas’ Assassin

Lucas Entertainment‘s new Assassin features a star-studded cast that piques my interest immediately. A porn mystery of sorts, detectives Wilfried Knight and Steven Daigle investigate assassin Michael Lucas for a killing at a seedy jazz bar. Besides Wilfried Knight, I am just really wanna see stunning Junior Stellano who play the jazz bar owner and Brad Star, his boy toy. Others include Cliff Jensen, Drew Cutler, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, and porn comeback Braxton Bond.

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Carl Wilde & Steven Daigle in Sextortion Part 2 by Men At Play

“Carl Wilde sets a trap for shamed exec Steven Daigle in this sizzling of Sextortion 2: The Trap at Men At Play. With his business empire at stake it seems everyone wants to find out the truth behind the Sextortion scandal and Carl uses his every charm, as well as a sneaky camera hidden in his briefcase, to expose the truth. However Steven notices his strange behaviour and quickly clocks him, spotting the tiny lens. But instead of throwing him out, he uses the situation to his advantage and plays along in order to get his own back on Carl. So after fucking the handsome young man and blowing his load on him, he grabs the suitcase, destroys the tape and throws him out onto the street without even giving him time to dress.”

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Rod Daily Tops Steven Daigle

Rod Daily & Steven Daigle

This time with Rod Daily who’s body is wickedly ripped & Steven Daigle who goes out of his way to get Rod’s cock.

“See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You’ll watch them go from portrait style to porn style as they strip down and turn up the heat. This is your chance to see what it’s like on location as these rock hard cocks go to work, making the gorgeous photos you gotta see!”

Rod Daily

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Steven Daigle & Neil Stevens in Sextortion Part 1

In his first television interview on since his recent sex tape scandal made waves all over the internet, Steven Daigle makes a compelling case for himself, defending his innocence and reaffirming his status as the respectable business man we all know. However what we never saw was what happened only minutes before in Neil Stevens’ dressing room when Daigle met with the presenter to agree on what what questions would be allowed. But its clear that the media world is just as corrupt as the business world with Neil having his own way of negotiating business deals. And with Daigle’s infamous lust for uncut cock, its not long before Neil has him on him knees sucking hungrily on his juicy meat, getting it nice and hard before giving Daigle a good fucking over his dressing room table. And being the professional that he is, Neil shoots his load with only second till show time, zips up and strolls calmly to set ready for his interview.

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