Big Things Are Coming for Duncan Black

Duncan Black is famous for being the militant bottom who loves big things up his ass. With big ambitions, CockyBoys made Duncan Black their newest exclusive and he’s paired with another newcomer, Cameron for a hot passionate fuck. I love how verbal the moustached version of Duncan Black gets as he takes on Cameron and Cockyboys’ high-quality production makes it so much better.

Duncan Black also got fucked by Tate Ryder at Dominic Ford.

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Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas

Trenton Ducati, formerly an advocate for condom porn, has switched sides and is now a Lucas Entertainment bareback exclusive for three months. As of the announcement yesterday, he’s already filmed a scene and the first scene of Trenton Ducati barebacking is a flip-fuck with Blue Bailey to be released 8th November 2013. Blue Daily started his gay porn career at Treasure Island and is openly HIV+ and so pretty safe to say (no pun) that Trenton Ducati is HIV+ himself because no sane person would take his own health risk for a gay porn scene.

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Liam Magnuson Films for COLT

After uncountable number of scenes for where he was an exclusive for only 6 months but seemed like an eternity, Liam Magnuson is now a free agent and was filming for COLT the past two days. From these tweets, Liam Magnuson was paired with cutie bottom Brayden Forrester and Tate Ryder (whom I recall was retiring) with Tom Wolfe.

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Angel Rock Teaches You How to Eat Ass and Proves It With Tate Ryder

Angel Rock shares on how to eat ass like a porn star using a watermelon in place of an ass in his Youtube video EAT THAT AS U MEAN IT. His accent is so sexy and the guy is really passionate about ass as he is in his scenes.

And Angel Rock proves he can he eat ass in High Performance Men as he gets Deep Inside Tate Ryder.

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Andrew Christian is the Gay Hugh Hefner

Andrew Christian is the gay Hugh Hefner sans the mansion, just look at the guys above he lined up for the weekend. Andrew Christian always has his bevy beauty of hotties by his side like this weekend in Palm Springs for the White Party where he was doing a promo and filming a video. Andrew Christian has curated a new crew of hot young models for his sexy underwear. Except Johnny Rapid, Andrew Stark, Topher DiMaggio and Lance Luciano, they are names I have never heard or but will definitely be stalking, including Murray Swanby, a L.A. gay club promoter, cutie Latino Mr. Florida Diego Vena and popular underwear model Jon Steven Myers.

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Tate Ryder Retires

One week after his break-up with Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder announced his retirement yesterday whilst filming in New York. First he announced there would be 4 remaining scenes before he was done with gay porn and later tweeted there were only 3 scenes left, presumably after he filmed a scene.

Tate Ryder just moved into his flat in Fort Lauderdale this week and word from Tate is the he’s pursuing studies post gay porn.

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Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati Broke Up After They Filmed at Dominic Ford

The once inseparable couple Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder have broken up after 6 months of relationship that involved Tate Ryder moving from London to America last autumn. The two were last spotted filming together late February and it raised my suspicions when the once common lovey-dovey tweets stopped and the giveaway was Tate Ryder’s announcement yesterday he found his own apartment in Fort Lauderdale then Trenton Ducati confirmed the break-up with me. Coincidentally, Dominic Ford released the scene today and accompanied it with the notice ‘Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder were boyfriends when we shot this scene. In fact, this is probably the last scene they shot together before splitting up.’

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