Tommy Defendi Plays a Daddy fucking Ian Levine & Tyler Hill

Tommy Defendi‘s new bearded look and bigger muscles make him all the more believable as a therapist who happens to fuck twink couple Ian Levine & Tyler Hill at Helix Studios.

Remember that Tommy Defendi is really only 26 years old but he looks like a hot daddy placed next to the smooth twinks.

I am sure this violates some sort of therapist-client code of conduct but would you complain if Dr. Defendi was willing to share his fat tube with you?

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Tommy Defendi and Joseph Rough Hottest Hotel Hookup

NakedSword saved the best for last in Hotel Hook-up series. In the final scene of Hotel Hook-up, Tommy Defendi fucks wickedly adorable Joseph Rough in the hotel room bathroom that has Tommy Defendi moaning at the top of his lungs and splattering his cum all over Joseph. Joseph Rough was just as amazing as his ass meets Tommy Defendi’s every thrust.

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Icon Male filmed Cutler X; release Prisoner of War, Football Hero

Cutler X plus boyfriend Adam Russo and newbies Brendan Patrick and Alex Greene were in New England over the weekend filming for Icon Male.

Though unconfirmed, this is likely Nica’s foray into bareback porn as Cutler X only fucks bareback. In fact, the man has such as big cock I don’t know if there is a condom in the world to fit him.

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