New Porn Crush: Ray Han a.k.a. Rayhan Aranda

Handsome Louisville, KY-based Ray Han (a.k.a. Rayhan Aranda, Rayhan Garcia, Yasser Aranda) is a total dreamboat with an insanely perfect combination of ass, cock & body. Though few scenes have been released featuring Ray Han, his many self-pics (@rayhan_G) show a perfect round booty and a thick uncut Cuban sausage.

This man is sex on wheels as he claims “I can do it for hours. (“Kinky”) and I love having sex in places to risky. I like older guys, muscles they steal all my attention, athough I have no preference for a specific type of man if I find them attractive.”

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Tyler Saint Comes Back to Porn

While ultra-hung blond daddy Tyler Saint never announced retirement, he’s been on a porn hiatus since 2009 which coincidentally happened after his bareback filming, but he’s back now and we’re seeing him a lot in recent weeks. In just the past month – 46 year old Tyler Saint appears solo at Hot Older Male, Tyler Saint fucks Tyler Ford at and Tyler Saint and Adam Richards appear in Lucas‘ Desire.

I’ve always been fond of Tyler Saint for his amazing body a versatility but he looks the hottest in leather for numerous TitanMen and Hot House scenes. Maybe it’s him or it’s a porn trend, but Tyler appears in lots of suit and tie lately.

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Tyler Saint Dominates Craig Reynolds in Sanctuary 2

Something so sexy about a blond muscledaddy dominating a hunk of beef like Hot House exclusive Craig Reynolds.

In the first scene of leatherpic Sanctuary 2, Tyler Saint strokes his long, fat cock at the altar and beefy Hot House exclusive Craig Reynolds doesn’t hesitate to service the man before taking his place on the dungeon table. Saint relentlessly fucks Reynolds’ hole until both men can’t take it any longer. Straddling each other on a Sanctuary bench the muscle-men jack off until they shower each other with loads of cum.

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Steven Daigle Stalked

Coming fast on the heels of his first film Steven Daigle: XXXposed comes Steven Daigle: Stalked starring former reality TV star Steven Daigle. Steven finds himself being stalked through the streets of Los Angeles and led to a sex club where he is made to serve every horned up hunk’s darkest desire. After he and Adam Killian take turns fucking each other, Leo Giamani joins them for a torrid 3 way that leaves Steven spent and covered in cum. Along with Steven the cast has Adam Killian, Drew Cutler, Tommy Defendi, Tyler Saint, Rod Daily, Alessio Romero and Leo Giamani.

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Marco Blaze is So Hot in Reflex

Just this shot of Marco Blaze is enough reason for me to get my hands on TitanMan‘s newest film Reflex. The bonus is that Marco Blaze flip-fucks with hung daddy Tyler Saint.

Without much of a theme, Reflex documents the natural reflex of guys when confronted by these sexy beasts which is to lose control and give in to your primal instinct. The cast includes Titan Men exclusives thickly endowed David Anthony, Dario Beck who first debuted in Distraction, sultry sexy Marco Blaze, Will Parker and Christopher Saint plus the return of Dakota Rivers.

Catch Reflex as a Titan VOD or in Blu-Ray.

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Going to Coyote Point with JR Matthews by Titan Men

Another one of Titan‘s many location themed flicks (110 degrees in Tuscon, Back to Barstow, Slow Heat in a Texas Town), Coyote Point brings seven hot menincluding dreamboat JR Matthews to explore their urges and sees the return Dakota Rivers who looks even hotter. Cast includes Titan Man David Anthony, Scott Campbell, Luke Cassidy, Tyler Saint, Slade.

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Erik Rhodes’ Directorial Debut at Rhodes’ Rules

Erik Rhodes directing Rhodes RulesLooks and body can only carry a porn star so far and most porn stars eventually transition to behind-the-scenes such as Steve Cruz or Chris Steele and Erik Rhodes is going that way as well. The Falcon exclusive first started behind the camera assisting John Bruno in Dripping Wet 2 by Falcon and the 28 year old New Yorker directs a whole new Falcon flick titled Rhodes’ Rules presumable for Mustang since it stars Samuel Colt.

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Dean Flynn and JR Matthews paired in Folsom Maneuvers

JR Matthews, Dean Flynn in Folsom Maneuvers by TitanMen
Dean Flynn has always been at the top of my list of Titan exclusives but new Titan exclusive JR Matthews is right up there now. California native, JR Matthews has such a strong presence at 24 years old with his wide shoulders and huge pecs. And what better than watching these two hot gargantuan hunks in the same scene in Folsom Maneuvers.

29 year old Canadian Ryan Russell also makes his porn debut in Folsom Maneuvers starring oppostie Tyler Saint. Rest of the cast includes Titan exclusives Tony Buff and Will Parker. Plus Gio Forte and Adam Knox.

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Drake Jaden and Tyler Saint in Flux by TitanMen

There’s something so hot about Tyler Saint. May it have to do with his awesome body, thick hard shaft and beautiful ass? In the first scene of Flux by TitanMen, Tyler Saint is paired with bearded Drake Jaden who turns around to tempt Tyler with his sculpted chest, stomach and defined cum gutters—and a huge bulge aching to get out of his red jockstrap. I was pleasantly surprised to see Drake Jaden take Tyler’s ass in his own hands, slamming the blond daddy in different positions until Tyler Saint returns the favour.

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